Village of the Hills Walking Trail

The walking rail at the Village of the Hills needed to be extended in this project. The work consisted of removing the existing concrete driveways, construction of colored walking trail, repairing and reestablishing drainage, construction of the driveways, construction of limestone faced concrete walls, and installation of concrete riprap-grouted limestone.

There was a change order in this project, adding 788 SY of special grouted 4 inch limestone.


Project Name: Walking Trail Extension (Phase 3)
Project Location: Village of The Hills, Travis County, Texas
Contract Date: 01/16/2022
Contract Amount: $729,927.60
Owner: Village of the Hills
Performed Tasks:

  • Provide and Install (Corrections) Storm Water System including Manholes and inlets
  • Provide and Install Concrete Driveways (227 SY)
  • Provide and Install Curb Ramps (5)
  • Provide and Install Concrete Sidewalks (2333 SY)
  • Provide and Install Limestone Faced Concrete Wall (3107 LF)

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February 28, 2022