Meridiana Water, Wastewater and Storm Water

This project involved four separate task groups:

Site Preparation: stripping and site preparation for all areas to receive fill where organics and deleterious materials are present to a minimum depth of 4-inch below natural ground prior to the excavation, placement and grading of any fill material (all stripping are to be evenly placed and graded on the filled and graded areas, de-muck and fill existing ditch.

Water Distribution: Supply and installation of 2,580 LF of 8-Inch AWWA C-900 PVC pipe, 130 LF of 6-Inch AWWA C-900 PVC pipe, 260 LF of 2-Inch AWWA C-900 PVC pipe, 290 LF of 12-Inch PVC sleeve for 8-Inch water. Also, 8-Inch, 6-Inch and 2-Inch gate valve and boxes, double iron fittings (1.2 tons), fire hydrants, 3,030 LF of trench safety system, and other piping accessories.

Wastewater Collection: Supply and installation of 2,500 LF of 8-Inch SDR-26, PVC pipe sanitary sewer with standard bedding and back fill, 17 standard City of Iowa Colony 4-Foot Diameter Manholes with Drop Connection, 18 short side sanitary sewer service Lead with stack, 42 long side sanitary sewer service Lead with stack, 2,500 LF well point de-watering for sanitary sewer construction, 2,500 LF of crushed Stone foundation with filter fabric Wrap, 1,250 LF of Crushed Stone foundation and embedment with Filter Fabric Wrap. Also, removal and disposal of existing manholes, and 2,500 LF of trench safety system.

Storm Water Collection System: 224 LF of 30-Inch HDPE storm sewer, 1,015 LF of 30-Inch HDPE storm sewer, 210 LF of 18-Inch HDPE storm sewer, 770 LF of 15-Inch HDPE storm sewer, 120 LF of 12-Inch HDPE storm sewer, all with standard bedding and backfill. Also, reconstruction of existing Type C-1 Inlet to B-B grate top Inlets, installation of new storm sewer inlets and manholes, installation of concrete rip rap, 275 LF of drainage ditch excavation, 2,275 LF of trench safety system.


Project Name: Water Distribution, Wastewater Collection And Storm Water Facilities To Serve Balcara at Meridiana
Project Location: City of Iowa Colony, County of Brazoria, TX
Contract Date: 05/11/2022
Contract Amount: $1,145,831.00
Owner: Balcara MSP Meridiana Property, LLC on behalf of the City of Houston/County of Brazoria
Performed Tasks:

  • Stripping and Site Preparation
  • Provide and Install Water Distribution System (2580 LF)
  • Provide and Install Wastewater Collection System (2500 LF)
  • Provide and Install Storm Water Collection System (2275 LF)

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August 11, 2022