Fort Bend Town Center Clearing & Grubbing

This project consisted all tasks for Clearing and Grubbing for Proposed Detention, Detention Spoils Area, Floodplain Mitigation, Streets, and Utilities to Serve Fort Bend Town Center III, in accordance with the technical specifications contained in the contract documents and the scope of work outlined below.


Project Name: Fort Bend Town Center III Clearing & Grubbing
Project Location: Missouri City, Texas
Contract Date: 07/22/2022 (NTP)
Contract Amount: $508,656.00
Owner: Fort Bend County
Terra Associates Inc.
Performed Tasks:

  • Clearing & Grubbing, including Removal of all Spoils
  • Stripping to Minimum Depth as Described in Soils Report
  • Storm Water PPP, including NOI Implementation and Reports
  • Storm Water PPP Maintenance
  • Stabilized Construction Entrance
  • Hydromulch Seeding



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September 30, 2022